2009 a New Start

The past blogs. The past of me thats it.

and now? another year. a new year!!!
and well!...New year? New resolutions?
New ppl u'll meet. meet ppl u hvn again?catch up? say good bye to ppl u know who are going off away for work.studies.vacation?lol
New challenges. new teacher/lectuerer? new text book new homework?
New hobbies.getting passion to life? all new fun?...

m really having fun right now. i could do this whole day long !!!!
mm...let me tell u some bad stuff happened. before i get down to showing off my new toys!!!

1. I CRACKED my camera's LCD screen...
hvn fixed it. jz hvn fix it alright...

2. I got SICK! earli in the new year...
lying in bed til Thaipusum ends...

3. I am 22 soon! its 49 yr bunny age.
...swt (if i do wrong. i dun hv a chance. i go straight to jail...)

4. There's 7 i promised not to do. bt i done 4 already...
look on the good side...there's stil 3 more i hvn isnt it?

there's more. bt i cannot rmb ...haha

well! wats new bout this blogs and so on? lolx!!!!

i got my passion! realised!!
tho i had one. which i tot i could. bt sumthing came distracted the whole plan. so...
bt i stil love this. tho its fixed! haha

i've some stuff already!
(my study room converted into a small bar! OMG...dad's gonna kill me! if he founds out! )

i shud show off my babies!!... SOON!!!!!

for those i din get to wish em..
so sorry ...allow me to wish ya'all..
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Chap Goh May
Happy Thaipusum.
Happy Valentine's
Happy Mother and Father's Day

and Happy Birthdays...

with love.